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Home >> News >> OMTOM water helps SPCA animals

OMTOM water helps SPCA animals


Thanks to a small surplus of water after hydrating about 27 000 runners in the 2018 Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon (OMTOM), the organisers of the world’s most beautiful marathon were able to help the Cape of Good Hope SPCA care for their animals. With 6000 litres to spare, the OMTOM donated the water to the SPCA, an organisation that depends greatly on water to care for their ‘patients’.

The 6000 litres from the Two Oceans Marathon event are enough for one day at the SPCA, but as Belinda AbrahamCommunications, Resource Development and Education Manager of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA says, any amount is a huge help during this time of drought.

“That amount is drinking water for approximately 700 animals, including cats, dogs, horses, livestock and wild animals, as well as water for the cleaning of enclosures. Without water to properly clean our facilities it will be nothing short of chaos at the SPCA – we admit the sickest of animals and for this reason have to ensure that enclosures are disinfected and scrubbed daily to avoid the spread of disease.”

The water was delivered to the SPCA on the Tuesday after the 49th edition of the OMTOM. “Naturally as an event based in the Western Cape we are keenly aware of how critical the water supply is,” says Carol Vosloo, General Manager of the Two Oceans Marathon NPC.

“We sourced alternative water supplies for our event this year so that we wouldn’t impact on the municipal resources, and did everything in our power to eliminate water wastage on race day. It’s now fantastic to hear that we had enough water left over to aid the SPCA in the excellent work they do.”

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA has launched a water self-sufficiency project in order to better care for their animals in this time of drought. “We need to sink a borehole as quickly as possible, and we need to equip ourselves with water storage containers, a rain water harvesting system and flow bins and trailers to get water to the animals that need it the most,” says Abraham. 

If you want to contribute further to help the SPCA become water self-sufficient, donations can be made via the SPCA website at https://capespca.co.za/donatenow/. Abraham says that no donation is too small, and once off or monthly donations would be sincerely appreciated. 

Donations from international supporters can be made via credit card through the website, or via the US/UK Friends for Charities option which will entitle them to tax benefits within their country of origin.

The 2019 Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon takes place on 19 and 20 April 2019. Next year sees the 50th anniversary of the event.


OMTOM’s Race Operations Manager Grant Bolters with the CEO of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, SI Moyo Ndukwana.