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Cut-off for 56km

  • Ultra Marathon

The race is run from gun to gun

Cut-off is at 13:30 (7 hours)

Runners who have not reached the following marks in the times specified will not be allowed to continue:
25km at 09:40 - Corner of Corvette Avenue and Corsair Drive, Sun Valley.
38.5km at 11:20 - Outside Chapman's Peak hotel.
42,2km at 11:50 - Outside Four Season's hotel.
46,1km at 12:20 at the top of Constantia Nek.

If you do not reach the cut-off points within the required time, you will be asked to retire from the Race and leave the road. YOU MAY NOT CONTINUE RUNNING.

Athletes who fail to obey the race officials will be subject to disciplinary action and may be banned from participation in the Two Oceans Marathon in future. Transport will be provided at all the cut-off points to take the runners back to the Finish.


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